Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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Prudent Financial Services has been specializing in repairing credit through open, affordable and same day loans in Metro Toronto and the GTA since 1984. We have helped thousands of people who have had undischarged as well as discharged bankruptcies, proposals almost paid off and people with bad credit histories in the past who have resolved most of their debt. In 2004, we created Prudent Mortgage Corporation. In 2008, we opened our own indoor auto dealership across the road. Prudent Financial is now a one-stop centre for all your financial needs -- personal loans, car loans and home equity loans.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Car Just Hit 100K, What Should I Do?

You may think that if your vehicle has 100K that it’s ready for the junkyard. Although some cars may be ready for a trade in at this point, many cars can last twice that long with no major work needed. The design of a car has dramatically improved so with regular checkups and maintenance, your car can run smoothly for a long time.

There are many cars that drive past the 200K mark. The key to your cars longevity is all in the owner’s manual. It’s important to follow the schedule of the owner’s manual rather than the schedule of the dealership.

Think about how much money you can save in the long run with no car payments for 10+ years. Here are some tips that you can do to help your car make it past 100K:

· Keep your tires inflated properly and remember to rotate them.
· Start it up properly.
· Come to a complete stop.
· Regularly change the air filter.
· Maintain proper coolant levels, proper fluid checks and oil changes.
· Don’t ignore your dashboard warning lights.
· Look for any warning signs.
· Find a mechanic that is reliable.
· Keep your car clean.
· Be a good driver.

There is a satisfaction in knowing that you have a vehicle that is dependable and will take you anywhere you want to go. Why should you get rid of a car that is in good running condition? Remember that most of the years taken off the lives of our cars are due to our poor driving habits and those same habits can end up costing us thousands of dollars in repairs that could have been prevented.

There are many factors that could influence the decision to buy another car. If your car is no longer reliable and is costing way to much in repairs than it’s actually worth then it may be time to look into purchasing a new car. Prudent Value Cars only sells top quality pre-owned cars with low kilometres.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Are You Buying A Car Online?

More and more we are using the internet to make purchases. Buying a car is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your lifetime but would you make this major purchase online? How safe is it to buy a car online? What do you need to know to buy a car online?

What are the advantages of buying a car online?
Purchasing a car online does have some advantages. It can definitely save you time. To surf the internet for a car requires less time and effort. The internet also offers you more choice. With just a click of a button you can search more choices and options that you may not have visiting your local dealer.

What are the disadvantages of buying a car online?
The disadvantages definitely outweigh the advantages of purchasing a car online. A car is a major purchase and the last thing you want to do is become a victim of fraud. Making purchases online is a big avenue for people from all over the world to get victimized so you’ll want to make sure that you’re purchasing your car from a reputable source. There is also the danger of not having the vehicle delivered or there may be problems obtaining the title. As you are not able to test drive the car, be wary that the photo you are viewing online may not be the vehicle that is being sold or it could be the same vehicle years ago. Serious interior problems such as electrical can not be seen from a photo. There may be hidden fees that are not listed on the site.

 So what are some of the things you can do to improve your odds of buying a safe car online:

1) Do plenty of research on the dealer. Look to see if the site offers feedback. Read reviews and comments made by previous purchasers.
2) Know the car’s market value. Get online pricing from other online resources and remember that if the price is really too good to be true, it just might be.
3) Get a vehicle history report.
4) Contact the seller and ask as many questions as you can regarding the vehicle.
5) Get all promises in writing.
6) Never pay in cash. You want a record of everything should something go wrong.
7) Research extra costs. Know all the costs that may be associated with travel and shipping. Research all costs for title, registration and taxes.

Take the time to ensure that you’re taking all the necessary steps to make it a safe and reliable transaction. For more valuable tips and information or to view the Prudent Value Cars.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Buying a used car in Toronto

There are so many questions you ask yourself when you’re on the market looking for a quality used car. What to look for in a used car? Where to look for a used car? What type of car is right for me? There are many factors to consider when purchasing a used car to make the buy a lot easier for you.

Cars are one of the biggest investments that you will make which in most cases calls for you to borrow money from a bank, credit union or other financial institutions. Buying a used car can save you a lot of money. When you purchase a new car, you’re paying for the car being new and this doesn’t necessarily mean that a new car does not have any problems. New cars can have manufacturing defects or problems with poor design leading to a recall. A new car also depreciates in value the minute you drive out of the dealership and is only worth about 70% of the original value after just a few years.

The best place to start when buying a used car is to set a budget, make sure you stick to it and shop around for the best interest rate before you purchase.

When purchasing a used car, the cheapest car doesn't mean you’re getting the best deal. Your ultimate goal is to find a car that is in good condition for a reasonable price. The value of a vehicle really depends on the cars condition. You may have two cars to choose from that are the exact make and model, one may have been religiously maintained and one poorly maintained.
Your best choice here is to pay the extra money for the car that was properly maintained leading you to save more in the long run.

Do a lot of research. Ask a lot of questions. Check the odometer reading. Check the body for rusting. Take a road test...etc. The internet is also an effective tool for researching market value, pricing and to also find dealerships that sell used cars.
Buying A Car In Ontario

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