Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Car Accessories That'll Make Your Life Easier

Your car becomes a very important part of your life from the moment you get it. You always want your vehicle to be at its best. We want our cars to be safe, reliable and a part of who we are. As a driver, we want to increase our vehicles functionality. We get oil changes and car washes but sometimes we need just a little more to make life easier. There are so many car accessories out there that can do this for us.

Let’s take a look at just a few car accessories out there on the market and how they are convenient in our lives.

Remote car starter – With winter just around the corner, you may already be dreading bundling up to go scrap the ice and snow off our cars. With the push of a button from the comfort of your own home, you can have your car defrosting while you finish getting the kids ready for school and then be able to transfer them out to a warm car. Depending on your preference and price range, there are many models out there that carry added features.

Global Positioning Systems – GPS systems are more popular than ever. Their main purpose is to ensure that you are never lost but they also provide the added bonus of tracking your vehicle should it ever be stolen or lost in the mall parking lot. It may also come with a panic button which could keep you safe in a hijack or accident situation. GPS systems are not just limited to your car but can also be used for motor homes, boats, watches, mobile phones and more.

Vehicle Parking Sensors – These parking sensors can reduce reversing accidents by 75%. It has been reported that the number of children harmed by parking accidents is equal to the amount harmed in auto accidents. It allows you to park your car more accurately reducing the chances of getting your car nicked and can reduce maintenance cost by reducing damage caused by hitting curbs and other obstacles.

There are so many car accessories out there and many may be a waste of money for you but there may be some car accessories out there that can and will make life in the car easier for you and your family.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Basic Need to Know Changes to Auto Insurance

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) is the provincial regulator of insurances and they have introduced reforms to auto insurance with some reduced benefits and extra charge options that have come into effect September 1st, 2010. You may have already received some information in the mail from your current insurer. If you are not aware of the changes, here are the basics to review.

Through reduction of claims cost, the new changes are an attempt to stabilize the current trend of increasing premiums in the long term, expedite the medical assessment process as part of an accident benefit plan and to provide you with more options and flexibility to purchase coverage that best suits your needs and budget. These changes will affect drivers buying a new policy or renewing an existing policy as of September 1, 2010.

What questions should I be asking my broker?

· What am I paying for?
· How much of my benefits have been reduced from before?
· How much did those reductions save me?
· How much does it cost to restore my benefits?

Other than reduced benefits and extra charge options, here are just a few other key changes that were also made:

· Prohibiting use of credit scores in giving quotations for your auto insurance rates.
· Accidents where you are 25 per cent or less at-fault will no longer affect your premium.
· If you have a minor injury due to an auto accident, your medical and rehabilitation accident benefits are limited to $3,500 regardless of the coverage level you have selected.

For more details on the changes made to automobile insurance in Ontario visit the Financial Services Commission of Ontario website and speak to your insurance professional.

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