Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Common things that ruin your car.

Regular car maintenance and taking car of your car is very beneficial to the longevity of your car and will help you save dollars in car repairs, however, here are some common things that people do that can actually damage their cars.

Not coming to a complete stop before shifting – A lot of people make the mistake of shifting the car into drive before the car comes to a complete stop. This wears out your car’s transmission and puts a lot of stress to your drive shafts.

Not using your parking brakes – When you park on a hill and don’t use your parking brake, you’re actually putting all the stress of your car on the transmission. Emergency brakes come in handy in many situations. Get in the habit of using your parking brakes every time you park.

Riding the brakes down a hill – This is a very common mistake because it feels like the safest way down the hill. Braking the entire way down the hill will heat up and wear out your brake pads and cause problems with your tires. The best way down the hill is to break and let up off the brakes.

Revving your car during the winter – Revving your car when you start it may be the quickest way to warm up your car but your actually causing damage by doing this
frequently. The car should be left idling for about 30 seconds in order for the oil of the engine to lubricate and get through the engine.

Neglecting bad car sounds – When your car makes a sound, pay attention as it’s trying to tell you something. Ignoring these sounds can actually become worse and worse until it is a major problem and a major dent in your wallet.

A lot of the time we do these things without realizing it so take the time to change bad habits before it causes damage to your car. Taking car of your car is a great way to save money.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finding the right used car for you!

Purchasing a car is a big decision. There is no perfect car but when you factor in your needs rather than your wants, you’ll discover the perfect used car for you. This article will give you just three simple tips to help you find the car that fits YOUR needs.

1)How will your car fit into your lifestyle? - We all want to drive a fast sports car but realistically this is usually not the best fit for your lifestyle. Do you need to accommodate children and need a lot of cargo space? Do you value environmentally friendly vehicles? How long is your commute? Do you want a manual or automatic transmission? What safety features do you need? Do you need your car to fit into a garage space? Before you begin the car buying process, determine what kind of car is best suited for you in your life.

2)What is your price range? – You need to know how much you can spend on a used car before you start to look. If you decided that $10K is the most you can afford, then stick to this and don’t get pressured into spending more than what you can afford.

3)What kind of cars are you interested in? – Research the many different vehicles through the internet. Find out the safety ratings and what other owners thought of any specific car. Research how many miles the car gets per gallon of gas. You can get a better feel of the type of vehicle you require and the pricing of cars you may be interested in.

At this point you should have a good idea of all the cars that interest you. Don’t let superficial options like colour and interior be a deal breaker for you. Enjoy this process.

For many years, car buyers have been visiting local dealerships to find the car they want. In these internet ages, you can now search for your perfect used car online.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to sell a car!

Although selling your car privately is not as common as it used to be, it is the best option to make extra cash. Trading in your vehicle for an insulting sum and then finding that it’s being sold for double the price is frustrating. You may have an extra vehicle that is no longer needed and you could use the extra cash; whatever the reason you have decided to sell it yourself.

There are advantages to parking your car on your driveway with a for sale sign posted on the window,however,modern technology gives you access to thousands of interested parties through the internet. For a small fee you can sell your vehicle on sites such as Auto Trader and Ebay. There are also resources such as Kijiji and Craigslist where you can post your vehicle at no cost to you.

Your first step is to check the online ads to see what the asking prices are for vehicles like yours. Take into consideration their mileage, the condition and their location to help determine your selling price. Leave some wiggle room in your pricing so you don’t have to go lower than what you’re willing to accept.

Prior to advertising your car, you’ll want to make sure that it looks as attractive as it can. Buyers will know within seconds whether they’re interested in a car. Clean out the trunk and interior. Make sure your car is washed, waxed and detailed. Have all your maintenance records ready to show the potential buyers.

To create your Ad, you’ll want to list all the highlights of your vehicle. List the make, model, the year, mileage, your location, price and a contact phone number. You may also want to post a picture of your car.

When it comes time to sell your vehicle, note that buyers will evaluate you as well when deciding if your car is for them. Make sure you make them feel comfortable and be confident when answering their questions and/or concerns. If you’re not getting any buyers, then you may have to be more flexible with the price.

Selling your car takes commitment and time but the payoff is money in your pocket.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

When it's time for a new car!

You may have grown to love your vehicle. You may have maintained your vehicle properly, changing the oil and getting routine tune ups but we all know that cars don’t last forever. Deciding to let go of your car is not always easy but here are a couple of factors to help you determine if it’s time for a new car.

The Cost of Repairs – If you’re spending close to or more on repair costs than the actual value of the car then it’s definitely time to buy a new car. Naturally, the older the car the more wear and tear there will be and your car will start to require more trips to the mechanic. Your alternator may start to fail, your transmission will start to skip. Take into consideration the amount which is spend on repairs over the year to help give you get a better sense of how much your older vehicle is costing you in repairs.

Is your car safe? – The road can be a very dangerous place and you may be driving a problematic car and not know it. If you’re feeling insecure about your safety when you get into your car then it’s time to start shopping. The last thing you need is to be stuck on a highway with a toddler in the car or pulled over on the side of the road with no reception on your cell phone.

There are many reasons why a person may want a new car. With fuel costs constantly increasing it may no longer be practical for you to continue with a vehicle that is a gas guzzler. If you add up the amount of fuel that you spend a month, you may find that you are spending a lot more than you would for a monthly payment.

Even if your car is not financially draining there are other indicators for a new car. Whether there is a birth of a child and you need to change from a 2 door vehicle to a minivan or your children are now grown and you’d prefer a 2 seater, the time has come for a new car.

Although buying a new car may give you great pleasure, it almost always makes more financial sense to buy a used car. The benefits of buying a used car may include:

• Lower purchase price.
• Lower depreciation.
• Lower insurance premiums.

With used cars, the previous owner has absorbed the biggest portion of the depreciation cycle. A new car loses about 40% of their value almost immediately.

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