Friday, September 21, 2012

How To Avoid - A School Zone Ticket ?

I read this great article about, just by staying alert how you can avoid being ticketed on school zone and also increase safety among the pedestrians on the school zone during school hours.
After the summer school break, our road conditions as well as the driving conditions change. The roads get busier with school kids and teachers as pedestrians. Also not to mention school buses and parents who are dropping thier kids at school.
So what can we do to keep our roads safe inside school zone?

• Prepare early for a longer commute-  Leave at least 10 minutes earlier, this way you will stay stress free when driving.

• Stay Alert! Yes, keep your eyes open for children walking on the street as they can be very unpredictable. Many kids tend to wear ear-phones or text as they walk. Some kids are very irresponsible and do not even look when they are crossing the road. It’s also our responsibility as drivers to stay alert while driving for any unexpected occurence of any pedestrians. 

• Be patient- well, this is a tricky one to follow. However, make sure you have enough time and well-prepared.

• Use extra care while driving on school zone- watch for cyclists, novice drivers.

• Be prepared what to do when encountering a school bus. Refer to section 175 of the highway act as not following specific guideline may incorporate severe penalties.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Car Title Loans or borrow with your car in Toronto

Next time you’re in need of some fast emergency funding, consider applying for a Vehicle Title Loan.

A Vehicle Title Loan is a loan for which your vehicle is used as collateral or security. Cars, vans, trucks and SUVs are also acceptable. It also must be fully paid off -- no liens or leases. And it must be fully insured.
Ownership and insurance have to be in your name only. If the vehicle is in another name, then the owner must come in to co-sign the loan. If the vehicle is in the name of your company, you need to provide proof of ownership.

  • Your loan is approved faster than an unsecured personal loan would be.
  • You enjoy full use of your car during the loan period provided that you make regular payments.
  • You are usually eligible for larger loans and lower interest rates than with unsecured personal loans.
  • The loan can usually be paid off over longer periods of time depending on the lender.
  • You can qualify for the loan even if you are in a bankruptcy, in a proposal or have a bad credit history.
  • You may qualify if you are self-employed, a pensioner or earn your income based on commissions or tips.
Defaulting on payments: What happens and what to do?

If you default on your payments without communicating with your lenders you may jeopardize possession of your car. If there is a problem making payments on time promptly contact your lenders. The lenders can suggest alternative re-payment options.

What to Look For?
Make sure your loan is open, so that you have the option of paying it off early.
Be sure the lender reports to Equifax regularly so that your payments can help you rebuild your creditworthy status.
Make sure that the lender will work with you in the event of an illness, a job loss or other unforeseen misfortune that impacts your ability to repay.

For same-day approval with the lowest rates in the GTA for bad credit Vehicle Title Loans.
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