Monday, June 23, 2014

The Cost of Distracted Driving

As a driver, you have a responsibility not only to yourself but to your passengers and to everyone else on the road. You only have so much control over your safety on the road by wearing your seatbelt, staying alert and adhering to the rules of the road such as speed limit. The problem is not everyone is as responsible and that puts you in danger.

Tragic accidents occur but most likely than not, the cause is due to carelessness on the road. It takes one driver not paying attention to cause a deadly tragedy.
Cell phone use and texting is a far too common distraction when driving but anything from applying makeup to attending to children in the backseat can be a distraction. When distracted you’re failing to process 50% of all visual information in your driving environment.

Pedestrians also need to be focused on the road and their environment when crossing the street, riding a bike or taking the kids for a brisk walk. Driver distraction delays the drivers reaction and even if the delay is for a second, that’s a second that can make a difference between life and death. We are all vulnerable on the road.

Make safe and proactive decisions as the outcome is worth the minor inconvenience. Visit our for more valuable information and tips.