Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Common things that ruin your car.

Regular car maintenance and taking car of your car is very beneficial to the longevity of your car and will help you save dollars in car repairs, however, here are some common things that people do that can actually damage their cars.

Not coming to a complete stop before shifting – A lot of people make the mistake of shifting the car into drive before the car comes to a complete stop. This wears out your car’s transmission and puts a lot of stress to your drive shafts.

Not using your parking brakes – When you park on a hill and don’t use your parking brake, you’re actually putting all the stress of your car on the transmission. Emergency brakes come in handy in many situations. Get in the habit of using your parking brakes every time you park.

Riding the brakes down a hill – This is a very common mistake because it feels like the safest way down the hill. Braking the entire way down the hill will heat up and wear out your brake pads and cause problems with your tires. The best way down the hill is to break and let up off the brakes.

Revving your car during the winter – Revving your car when you start it may be the quickest way to warm up your car but your actually causing damage by doing this
frequently. The car should be left idling for about 30 seconds in order for the oil of the engine to lubricate and get through the engine.

Neglecting bad car sounds – When your car makes a sound, pay attention as it’s trying to tell you something. Ignoring these sounds can actually become worse and worse until it is a major problem and a major dent in your wallet.

A lot of the time we do these things without realizing it so take the time to change bad habits before it causes damage to your car. Taking car of your car is a great way to save money.

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