Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Making The Trade In Value Of Your Car Worth More

When you’re thinking about buying a new vehicle, you have to think about what you’re going to do with your current one. You really only have three choices:

1. Keep the car – you may want to pass on the car to another family member such as a teenager who just got their license or you may want to strictly use it for work.
2. Sell it privately – you may get more money for your vehicle assuming that you’re presenting it in good condition. The disadvantage would be that it will take time a fair amount of physical and emotional energy and also a minimal amount of money to sell your car privately.
3. Sell your car to the dealer – Although you may get more money for your car should you sell it privately there are a lot of advantages to trading in your car. Its hassle free, immediate payment against the purchase of your new car and you can avoid the expenses that you may incur selling it privately.

Trading in your old car is probably the easiest way. Dealers usually want your trade in so they will make the process easy for you. There will be minimal fuss. The dealer will assess the condition of your car and offer you a trade in value which you can use towards payment on the purchase of a newer car. With this in mind, don’t forget that you can still increase the value of your car to the dealer by maximizing their trust in your vehicle. Here are just a few tips to make the value of your car worth more:

· Think like the seller – You want your car to get the same positive response from the dealer that the dealers car has on you. A neglected car is not a good way to get a better deal on a newer car. You may think that the message you’re sending to the salesman is that I wasn’t coming in with the intention to buy a new car but this is not a very effective negotiation tactic.
· Clean your car – If it looks like your neglecting your car, the dealer will think that you haven’t maintained the car regularly and this will affect the price they’ll offer you. You will want to wash your car inside and out, use odour neutralizers, top up fluids and declutter. This is a strong indication that you have properly maintained your vehicle.
· Increase your credibility – If there is a problem with your car such as a burnt out light bulb or corroded battery cables, let the dealer know. This will bring the impression that this is the least of the problems with your car. If there is a major problem with your car, they will find out anyway so you might as well disclose that information also and build credibility with the dealer. Also keep all maintenance records if possible.

Following the tips above will bring more value to your trade in. Anytime a vehicle is closer to being lot ready for a dealer the more value it will have to them. For more valuable tips and information, follow Prudent Value Cars Blog at

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