Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Most Popular Cars on TV

There are many great TV shows/movies out there and some of these great shows were made so that the car was the stars. Cars that were modified and designed to make a lasting impression on the audience. Here is a list of some of the most creative and popular cars on TV.

Herbie the Love Bug:
This car was a Volkswagen Beetle. It’s easy recognized with the red, white and blue stripes and sporting the number 53. This Beetle rose to popularity in 1969 being cast as Herbie. This love bug could feel and think for himself. He could also drive himself and triumphed in multiple races that he featured in. This is also a car that kids turned to love.

KITT – Knight Rider:This T-top 1982 Pontiac Trans Am was more than just a flashy 80s car. KITT had the ability to receive and respond verbally to voice commands through artificial intelligence. Along with being a super fast, super loaded car, KITT developed a caring and compassionate personality. He was constantly put on autopilot so that he can perform super stunts.

General Lee – Dukes of Hazzards:
This 1969 Charger was orange and had the number 01 painted on its doors. This was a pure muscle car. General Lee was the highlight of the popular show Dukes of Hazzards and was always in car races or chases so there was never really just one General Lee. There was a total of 309 Chargers that were used during this TVs run.

Batmobile – Batman:The Batmobile is a black, cherry trimmed, revamped 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car. Adults and kids of all generations know of the Batmobile. Batman’s ride had many gadgets like parachutes and batwings. This was a mean looking car. Ford sold the original Lincoln Futura to the Batman creator for $1 as it was thought to be a worthless concept car.

There are many more popular TV cars worth reading about online. Many of them from the 70s, 80s and 90’s. Car enthusiasts everywhere can’t get enough of these wacky creative automobiles that brings back that nostalgic feeling.

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