Saturday, February 4, 2012

Choosing the Right Car Dealership

When you shop for a car, it’s important to deal with the right dealership. You want to be able to trust them and feel confident doing business with them. The best dealers strive to win life-long customers by providing value and good service at every stage of the relationship.
So how do you pick the right dealership? Here are some tips:
● Read dealer reviews – Be sure to consult online dealership reviews, available at: or The reviews are posted by past customers and can provide a strong sense of the dealership’s overall quality.
● Dealer’s years in business - It is usually safer to buy from a well-established dealer that has served the community for several years than to go with one that opened its showroom less than a year ago. Dealerships with a history of treating customers badly seldom survive long term, so a dealership’s longevity is a positive sign.
● Check with the Better Business Bureau – Check with the local Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if it has any complaints on file regarding the dealerships you are considering. The BBB records not only show complaints but also indicate whether the complaints were resolved in keeping with BBB policies.
● Ask others – Ask your friends, neighbours and co-workers where they bought their cars and if they were satisfied customers. Most people are forthcoming about their experience, especially if it was memorably good -- or bad. A personal recommendation is the best way to choose a dealer.
● Well-maintained premises - How well the staff maintains the premises can speak to a dealership’s quality. Good dealers take pride in their showroom. They keep clean the cars that are on display and on the lot. They have their sales, service, and support personnel dress professionally.
● Customer Service – Does the dealership value you as a customer? This will be evident in how the sales and service staff treat you when you’re on the lot or in the showroom. If you feel they are not answering your questions knowledgeably or are pushing too aggressively to make a sale, you should take your business elsewhere.
● Availability of services – Not all dealers provide the same kinds of services. Ask whether the dealership offers services that you may require later on. Does the dealer provide a free loaner car if yours has to be in the shop overnight? Do they have a shuttle service for the service department? Do you they have a quick-lube lane for half-hour oil changes? If you bring you car in for service and wait for it, do they have a clean, comfortable waiting area? Is the service department open evenings or Saturdays?
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