Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Car check list before a long road trip

You may feel that your car drives well and is in great running order but that doesn’t necessarily mean your car can withhold a long road trip. You need to make sure your car is ready to go the distance and want to avoid any mechanical problems if possible.

Here is a checklist on things to go over before your road trip:

Check under the hood

It’s always best to change the oil before any long road trip. You want to check the transmission fluid, coolant, battery, hoses and belts. Your engine will work harder on a long road trip and you’ll want to make sure there are no cracks in the hoses or belts.

Check your tires

Check the tires, suspension and the steering. Make sure you have the right tire pressure. Recommended pressure should be indicated in the owners manual. There is a safe limit of the tread wear, if the tread is below this limit, it is unsafe to drive. Take a trip to your reliable mechanic a couple weeks prior to your trip to check steering and suspension. This will leave you enough room should there be a need to get work done. Also get your mechanic to check the CV joints.

Check equipment

Check your lights, horn and wipers. A spare set of wipers should be on your list to bring along. Check the window washer fluid and also carry a gallon along with you on your trip. Check the AC and heater and make sure there are no noises. If there is, have your mechanic take a look to confirm all is okay with the heating and cooling system.

Check your spare tire

A spare tire and a jack are definitely needed. Check to make sure that the spare tire has air. The jack and the lug nut wrench must be the right size for the car.
Don’t forget an emergency kit while travelling long distance and enjoy your ride.

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