Thursday, July 25, 2013

What you should know to save money when repairing your car

Using a dealership when repairing or getting regular maintenance is very costly. Research for a reputable independent repair shop and they will almost always do the job for cheaper. Know what work needs to be done and call around for quotes. Speak to family and friends to get recommendations from them.

When you are repairing your car, it’s very easy to spend at least 30% more than you need to so once you have found a reputable repair shop, keep the 3 following tips in mind and your wallet will thank you later:

1. Insist that the mechanic NOT call you before doing work on your car with what other work they suggest needs to be done.
2. Never tell a mechanic to fix whatever is wrong with your car. You’re giving authority to the mechanic to run up your bill to hundreds maybe thousands of dollars.
3. Try to be as descriptive as possible or research what could be wrong with your car prior to taking it to the repair shop. Simply telling the mechanic that your car is making a funny sound is telling them to run as many tests to determine what the issue is costing you hundreds of dollars just to locate the problem.
4. Get a rough estimate from mechanic (preferably in writing) before repairs begin. If possible try to figure out what could be wrong with your car and ask around for estimates before taking your car into a repair shop. This way you can know for sure that you’re getting the better deal.

With the financial hardships we are facing nowadays, planning ahead has become a necessity. Planning ahead puts you in the driver’s seat and keeps you in control. Prevention is the best way to avoid rip offs and saving you money. It’s your money and your vehicle!

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