Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to drive safe with kids in cars ?

We love our children and want to dote on them so it’s very easy to understand why a parent would leave a child alone in a car for a minute or so to pick up laundry or to pay for gas. Taking your children out of the car in freezing temperatures or waking your toddler up from a deep sleep is not ideal when it simply takes a minute to pop in and grab a carton of milk at the nearby convenient store. These actions can all be understandable but the consequences can never be reversed.

Accidents can happen within moments of leaving a child unattended. Kids can suffer from hypothermia in freezing temperatures. On a sunny day, the temperature inside a car can jump 10 degrees causing your child’s body temperature to rise which may cause heat exhaustion. Leaving your car running should not be an option because your car may get hijacked. Some hijackers wait around and scan for these opportunities, sometimes not noticing that there is an infant/child in the car. The child may be old enough to get out of the car seat and start playing with the gear shifter or they may play with windows getting their limbs or neck caught. Your child may also become violently ill in an instant and start choking.

Unattended children in vehicles may not be widely publicized as often as it happens but the results are usually deadly. It does seem like a harmless thing to do and it definitely shaves minutes off our busy schedules but a minute is all it takes.

Planning ahead to use drive through services when available, calling the dry cleaners and asking them to drop off your items to your car and have the exact change ready, arrange a babysitter for an hour once a week to get all small errands out of the way will not only save you time but will eliminate any tragedies.

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