Sunday, September 22, 2013

Domestic Cars Are More Popular Than Ever!

With all the recent negative publicity in news about Toyota, it seems that the days where all we heard about was the financial crisis at GM are over.

Domestic car manufacturers have been emerging with more fuel economic, stylish and affordable vehicles. Manufacturers like Ford are leading the domestic race, continuing to produce some of the highest quality vehicles while GM has rolled out its new, post-bankruptcy line up.

So where does that leave you? Import or domestic? It seems that there are so many choices and so many deals out there. The car makers aggressively advertise their new car line ups, advertising deals to move those new cars. The problem is when you visit the manufacturer all they have to show you is their vehicles.

Why sample one appetizer, when you can try them all.

A pre-owned low mileage vehicle is a great plan for someone who is looking to go to one dealer and test drive all different makes and models of vehicles. Low mileage pre-owned vehicles usually are lease returns that have only had one owner. Another benefit to buying a low mileage pre-owned vehicle is you get the benefit of the remaining manufacturer’s warranty and can avoid the “drive off the lot” vehicle depreciation that occurs when you buy a new vehicle.

Many who like import vehicles, like them because they have a reputation for holding their value. Well I guess Toyota is an example that anything can happen and the best thing is to choose a vehicle that you like, feel comfortable in and fits into your budget.

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